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I am Sandra, the founder, and creator behind Jolly Well Made.

"Jolly Well Made, where I specialise in lots of textile loveliness!"

My creative designs and embroideries - produced using the free motion embroidery machine technique.


The technique is a form of stitching using a sewing machine, where the needle draws like a pencil or pen. As this is a manual process rather than a digital reproduction, any part using free motion embroidery is unique and cannot be reproduced, unlike computerised embroidery.


I use many different fabrics, so each commission is unique. Text included in the design will simulate handwriting rather than a digital computerised finished.


All designs are finished to meet your specification and delivered gift wrapped.


How did the business idea come about?

I love to try new things, and I knew I was good at doing anything creative. I liked the idea of creating pictures using free motion embroidery, and I learned the process through self-teaching. The first picture I made was a family portrait for myself. All my friends and family loved it and asked me to make one for them. After that, it just grew.


How did you come up with the name?

I wanted a “happy” word because my pictures are all about fun. “Jolly” seemed to work well. As my products are of the highest quality and handmade – “Well Made” seemed to fit the bill. The illustration of the dog is my pet, and it’s a fun illustration that visually represents my products.

I graduated in HND Art and Design and am currently studying BA Honours New Media Art.

"From personalised free-motion embroideries (drawing with my sewing machine) to personalised bunting, keyrings, and cushions, we have it all.


All my designs are customisable and are delivered gift wrapped at no extra cost to you!"

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